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Production depth

Grinding and polishing

Grinding and polishing using both traditional handwork and state-of-the-art CNC machines. This enables us to achieve a centricity of up to 5 μm.


Filter and anti-reflective coatings, dielectric mirrors and many other finishing processes. We apply the water-thin fitting coating with precision and on a permanent-basis.


The bonding and assembly of the individual links of a lens system is automated with the highest precision and zero error tolerance.


The cleaning of the lenses is water-, air- and solution-based. To ensure the highest quality, clean room conditions are also created at the workplace by laminar flow boxes.

Quality control

Our quality control ensures that lens systems are 100% flawless and perfect. We deliver the perfect micro-optics solution for the perfect application.

Newest technology

Through the continuous investment in new technologies and the evolution of manufacturing techniques, we have succeeded in keeping pace with the constantly increasing demands of the market.

Modern measurement technology

By integrating the latest measuring technology into the CNC-controlled manufacturing process, we create a closed control loop. In this way, an objective assessment of all relevant technical parameters is already possible during production. For example, the register of individual surfaces is checked 100% with an interferometer directly at the workstation, and during fine cementing, the concentricity deviation is ensured with the highest precision by computer-aided autocollimators.

Quality and punctuality

Documentation and access to production data is carried out internally by all work groups and departments via our company network. We do this to be able to supply you at all times with the highest quality and adhere to strict delivery dates.