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Committed to Tradition

This is our promise and guarantee

You are looking for the perfect micro-optical product? Perfect – that’s exactly our tradition!

For three generations, GUTSCHE Microoptics has stood for the production of achromats, rod lenses and compact lenses that are fitted with precision and to perfection as prototypes in small and large series.

Benefit from independence! GUTSCHE Microoptics is one hundred percent family-owned. We are therefore one of the few truly independent manufacturers of micro-optical components and lens systems and can always focus on your satisfaction.

And the tradition continues! Since 1995, our production has been continuously developed, improved and brought up to the latest state of the art. Today, we combine 120 micro-optics specialists and state-of-the-art machinery under one roof.

That’s another perk of working with us - our high vertical range of manufacture! We can proudly be the system supplier of individual lenses or the entire lens system.

A testament to our abilities is that most of our customers have remained loyal to us for decades. They appreciate our reliability and our absolute loyalty. For this reason, we do not have our own products but manufacture your products exclusively and according to your drawings.

Always precise, accurate and perfect - that's what we vouch for.