You don't know exactly which lens fits your application? No problem! Let us advise you right away.


Customised micro-optical lens systems - Precise. Accurate. Perfect.

Do you need a micro-optical solution for your application? Every single lens must meet your specific requirements?

We are your experts for micro-optical individual lenses and complex lens systems with diameters from 0.5 mm to 12 mm. Our range includes every batch size, from prototypes to small and large series.

Your advantage. With us as your micro-optics specialist, multiple your benefit by four!


In every lens, we combine our passion for detail and over 60 years of experience to meet your satisfaction.

Customer support

In addition to a flawless product, we provide optimal customer support.

System supplier

Another advantage is that the whole production take place under one roof. This means that you have one system supplier for the entire lens system.

Made in Germany

As a family business, we are independent and 100% made in Germany!

You don't know which lens best fits your application? Do you want to start planning your lens system right away? No problem! Let us advise you today and join our long-time customers in their delight.